You have a passion for visual storytelling? You like to tell visual stories or share the passion for visual narratives?  Visit the photobook gallery in Schwabing.  At our gallery we represent photographers with samples of their artwork. Here is the space to explore, discover and exchange views or gain own practical experience. Regular exhibitions, artist talks and other events helps to explore new things and enrich your network. You will find publications the artists contributed to the gallery. This can even be an unpublished, self-edited sample, an artpiece of a small edition or even a photobook that is already available on the book market. In general they are not for sale at the gallery but each publication indicated the artists or publishers contact information for ordering.

We think that photobooks are the ideal form to express the photographer’s artwork in a personal narrative way. That is why we put our focus on photobooks where the artist has great stories to tell.



  • several years of expertise in storydesign and storyboarding
  • 20+ years of photodocumentary work with different publications and exhibitions
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